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July 30th, 2008 at 11:19 am

Might as well post my July results.

Savings #1: 11,437(goal:15,000 ----76.25% to goal)
Savings #2: 923(goal:2,500 ----36.92%)
Savings #3: 559 (goal 2,000 ---- 27.95%)

Roth IRA: 1,550 (goal: max 2008 contribution)
401K: 1129
Brokerage Account: 155
Employee Stock: 420

Credit Card: $0
Student Loan: $14,986

From end of June to end of July
Savings #1 = + $217
Savings #2 = -155
Savings #3 = +55
Roth IRA = + 50
401K = + 326
Brokerage Account = +55
Employee Stock Plan $0

My savings for the month of July = $548
Yay! All I was hoping for was a positive savings.

I put a slow down to building back up the savings. I've now got my eye on paying down my student loan. I haven't completely stopped saving, I have an automatic deposit from my paycheck that goes to Savings #1 and #3, which will have to suffice for now. I usually try to transfer extra to my Savings #2... but now that will go towards Loan Payment and Roth IRA.

Actually good news, I don't know what happened but the Federal Govt... Direct Loans lowered my monthly payment by $30. The interest rate was also lowered, considering that it's a variable rate and I have yet to consolidate my loans. 3.9% interest (from 6.8%)... so I'm taking this opportunity to make bigger payments so that even more will go to principle.

Now I feel pumped up again... let's keep chugging along. Next on the agenda... turning 23 next week. So hopefully August will be good to me! Smile

Mid July...

July 14th, 2008 at 09:11 pm

July has been a slow month to start out as well as all the rest. My car insurance was due the first week. So I had to take out $300 from Savings #2... to cover this. However with my last paycheck I was able to put back at least $100. So really I only took out $200 from Savings #2. I'm starting to redirect my focus towards paying down my student loan and adding to my retirement IRA. I still have my regular savings goals, I'm just not focusing ALL my attention to them.

Here are my Mid-monthly results for July.

Savings #1: 11,285 (75.23% to goal)
Savings #2: 878 (35.12% to goal)
Savings #3: 559 (27.95% to goal)

Roth IRA: 1,550 ($3450 more to meet goal of maxing out 2008 contribution)
401K: 1,129
Brokerage Account: 145
Employee Stock: 420

Credit Card: $0
Student Loan 15,222 (put an additional $100 towards my loan this paycheck... will have the updated number at the end of the month when I figure out how much went to interest and the how much went to the principle)

Well at least I have one more paycheck for July. Just have to stay positive and try not to get discouraged.

A new dilemma

July 3rd, 2008 at 02:17 pm

Well, actually it's no longer a problem because I took care of it right from the get-go.

My friend/co-worker the one that I occasionally give rides told me that she was going to buy a used car. I told her that was great and good luck and so on. Well the next day she came up to me asked me if she could ask me something. I was like sure what is it. And then she asked if I would be a co-signer on her car note because she doesn't have enough credit to get a car on her on. Before she could even explain herself why I told her flat out no.

It's not that I don't trust her to pay her car note I'm sure she will, I know she will actually. However, I'm not willing to take that chance. I'm working really hard to get and maintain a high credit score and all I need is for one thing to ruin that and ruin a friendship. I asked her why she didn't ask her brothers or dad. She told me that her brothers don't have enough credit either and her dad is out of the country right now.

All I told her is that for the sake of our friendship it would not be in my best interest to co-sign on her car note. Especially since I plan on moving in the next few months I don't need that note on my credit report if I plan to buy a place.
And I left it at that. She said that it was all right and that she was just asking. I'm just really shocked that she asked me to do that for her. Do people really ask other people that are not in their family to co-sign with them???

It's a shame that I take my finance seriously. I don't want to end up on Judge Judy. lol