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Almost A Year

April 1st, 2009 at 01:59 pm

So I was looking at my sidebar and I just realized that I have almost hit 1 year on this site. At the end of April will be 1 year. Geez, I should have blogged more, now that I think about it. Oh well.
So now I'm going to reflect a little over the past year. One year ago I left my full-time job at the bank to pursue other options and stuck with a part-time job in retail until I could find something else. Well, I never really did find anything else. This was before September when everything just started collapsing like dominoes. Over the summer I basically decided that I was going to move out to the west coast to take on new adventures and opportunities. I must say, it's been the best decision I've made thus far, post-college life. Moving out of Virginia, my home for 18 years was hard at first but probably like I said it was for the best. California, besides the nice weather has indeed opened up a lot of doors for me. Virginia, home, just has so many more distractions. Here in California, since I don't really know any one yet has offered me the real change to FOCUS. I have a hard time focusing. I don't have ADD or anythin just at home I'm too busy being a social butterfly and hanging out with friends that I never could get myself to sit down and focus on my career and where I want to be. Here in CA, I have been able to do that. Of course there has been a couple of rough patches here and there, but over all good. My best friend even found me a job in Washington D.C. so that I would go back to the east. I had to turn it down because I know exactly what would happen. I'm determined to make things work here, where I didn't care in VA. Maybe that's growing up... or maybe some people need the change in environment to properly function. I wasn't properly functioning in VA, where as here I'm on my way.

As far as finance wise. I am above where I was a year ago, saving wise. Not by much because be unemployed can do that to a budget. I'm getting there. I'm slowing starting to realize what I can and cannot live without, which does wonders for savings.

But anyways, to conclude. I'm really glad I found this site. Even if I don't post I do read other post. I think the best part about this site is realizing all the different backgrounds and stories people have. And how people all over can have a similar situation but yet be completely unique. And I really enjoy the freedom that this site allows me to talk about finance/budgeting or not/savings or not/work stuff, because without it I don't know where else I could go. Smile

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!! I have some cleaning to do before my family gets here on Saturday! Smile