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Two in one day.

March 31st, 2009 at 07:41 pm

I know two blog entries in one day. But I couldn't resist.

I landed another contract job this afternoon. So my two interviews tomorrow went down to just 1. And the one is more like a info session on a permanent position with my temp company. The contract job is a temp-to-hire, which is very very good. My staffing manager... she did good. I guess she bragged enough that I got the position and I didn't even need to interview like she originally told me that I would have to. So YAY because I dont like interviews I always freeze up because I'm so nervous. I start on April 9th. So I still get a chance to spend time with my family. Hopefully soon I'll be permanently employed with benefits!

I'm even more excited this go around because I have my credit cards paid off! So... now I have even more money to save, since that is one less payment i have to make. Man, it's so freeing. I'm thinking I'm going to put that extra money to my IRA and student loan... after I cover the $500 for my glasses! Yay! So now savings #3 doesn't have to really take a hit.

Woo hoo my day has gotten so much better. Smile

When it rains in pours?

March 31st, 2009 at 11:04 am

So tomorrow I have 2 job interviews. Keeping my fingers crossed that I land one of them. One is temp to hire and the other is a direct hire. I mainly need something because I need the benefits. The medical I have right now is really buggy. I don't know if it's even kicked in yet because I didn't see the deductions on my last couple of paychecks. Ugh.

My staffing managers was like if I get both offers then I'll have to choose because I can't do both. Hello? No duh. (I just rolling my eyes when she tells me that over the phone). And if I have to hear one more time that the economy is not doing so well and the job market is tough I'm going to go... it's annoying. I know I keep up with the news.

This week should be a good week because my family is coming to visit from Virginia. The first time I've seen them since I moved in September of last year. Mom, dad and sister. My brother can't come out right now, but he'll be out for two weeks in July. I can't wait. It should be fun. Now since I know my way around the Bay Area a little bit I can take them to all sorts of places. One day we'll probably go up to Sonoma to visit other relatives. And then I know they want to go to Monterrey Bay. So we'll see. Somedays I miss Virginia. So it's sorta like Virginia is coming to me, by my family coming out here. So Yay!

So I've decided that the $500 from my glasses is going to come from Savings #3. Only because it has the lower interest rate. And it's the money that I don't really have a plan for.

But yeah that's pretty much it.

High Expense Day

March 30th, 2009 at 07:34 pm

So, I bought new glasses today. $500 total for exam (contacts and glasses), new frames and lenses. But the lenses were 50% off since I bought frames. It would have been cheaper but I had no insurance because lack of constant job. Oh well I need to see better. So my headaches will stop. I can't tell if it's from eye strain or from caffeine withdraw, which it could possibly be from.

Yup. That was my big purchase for the next few months. Luckily my contact prescription didn't need to be changed, and I still have some supply left so I didn't need to reorder yet. I haven't decided where the $500 is coming from yet. Most likely savings #1. Not too concerned yet. Big purchases I like to pay off right away. I usually put it on my credit card and then do a bill pay the next day. That way I get points on my credit card, but save on the interest by paying it right away. I should have my cc paid off though by next week so that will free up one bill for me since I'm not working this week.

I'm still struggling with my staffing manager at the temp agency. She's kinda buggy. Hopefully... something will come up.


March 27th, 2009 at 10:56 pm

today was apparently my last day with this temp position. I was told at 3PM today. My day ends at 5. I guess no big deal. Accept for the fact that I really feel like I'm being played for a fool with the temp agency I'm working for. First they told me that my last day for the contract was March 31st. Ok that's fine. And then when I asked about a month ago the end of February, about my last day since my family is coming to visit from Virginia and I wanted to take like 3 days off... all of a sudden my contract extended to April 9th. Ok fine... I'll deal and just balance the family and work at the same time. And then today. Oh, sorry so-and so is coming back from leave on Monday so today will be your last day. Geez, a little annoyed. And it's not like I actually liked working there but hey... a little earlier notice than 2 hours before I'm checking out for the day would have been nice. And all my temp agency staffing person could say was that this never happens before and that HR probably got it messed up and didn't want to admit they were wrong. Whatever. I'm tired of them playing the blaming game. As far as I'm concerned they are both in the wrong. The company said that I did an awesome job though and that if anything came up if I would be willing to come back. I said yes. I don't know why I said yes. Most likely because of the fear of saying no. I've been there, done that... and unless I'm staying there 20 years there's no sense in going back because I wouldn't really be able to move up and do other things.

I guess I should be more concerned with finding another job. But I'm not. My staffing manager wants to me fill the other temp job with the same company that I was just at if I don't find anything in two weeks. I told her not really interested in going back there. And then everyone under the moon is telling me that I should because it's a job. I don't care if it's a job. That's all it is, is a job. I'm just starting out, I'm looking for something I would be happy making a career out of. My aunt is like "just take whatever you can get". I don't want to settle. Because then I end up just like them, 20 years down the road in a job that is, just that, a job. I didn't move all the way across the nation to settle for just anything. I'm not trying to be ultra picky either. I just know myself and if I'm not enjoying what I'm doing or the place I work at, I just can't relax and I don't work well. I believe that I'll be okay.

But on a lighter note. I met a goal. A financial goal. Savings #2.. I met the $2500 goal and Savings #3 is above $1000 which is 50% to the goal of $2000. And I know I'm jobless right now. But I should be okay without dipping into the savings for now.

I'll update all my numbers later. Sorry for ranting. It seems like these days that I can't actually voice my feelings to anyone because they aren't listening to what I'm saying because apparently I don't know what I'm doing because I'm young, silly, and naiive. Well... it's better than being a know-it-all that likes to put their life on everyone else. People aren't made one-size fits all. Some people just know how to made an already bad day worse. Frown

Raining Sunday.

March 1st, 2009 at 03:28 pm

It's a raining Sunday here in the Bay Area or at least where I am. I usually don't particularly care for raining days but day eh not so bad considering that we do need the rain. And plus, sometimes I feel as though rainy days are for relaxing. Smile

February came and went really fast. I'm glad. February kinda blew work wise. I'm so over ALREADY working for the place I'm working at. I'm ready to move on. The people there are really Catty and if they spent half the time working and minding their own business than sitting in each other cubicles talking about other people in the office, MAYBE just maybe they wouldn't need my help as a temp. Just maybe. Oh well. There's the real world for you. My aunt tells me that they are just worried about their jobs and are threaten by me, ( I think she's just saying that to make me feel better)... I personally choose to think that they are just plain mean and I don't care if the economy is rough and people are getting desperate, it doesn't give them a free pass to be rude to other people. But enough with work.

February was a good month saving wise I guess. I mean I did save quite a bit for being such a short month. I think mainly because I got back my Federal return and my $1 Virginia State tax return, haha. $1. I'm not expecting California state tax anytime soon. It was only like $30 anyways.

So here is the rundown of my financials,

Savings #1: 10,572
Savings #2: 2,212
Savings #3: 851

Roth IRA: 1,675
401K: 1089

Credit Card: 671
Student Loan: 13,610

I applied an extra $200 along with my monthly payment to my student loan this past month since I got my Federal Tax return back. I figure I might as well put the money to good use instead of spending it.

Well, that's pretty much it. Tonight we are having pasta. MMM... instead of going out to Olive Garden my family opted to go to this place that makes fresh pasta and take it home to make. A lot cheaper than going out that's for sure. And everyone got to pick out which pasta they wanted! I can't wait to try it. Smile