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When did my toys become "vintage"?

June 24th, 2009 at 02:35 pm

So I was looking on ebay just typing away searching for treasures. Not that I was going to buy anything because I've never used ebay before except to buy my college textbook once. But I decided to be fun to search toys that I use to play with when I was little. Ok, so I grew up in the 90s. That was 10 years ago. I typed in one of the toys... and up came the word "Vintage". I had to laugh. But then again. Really? Well, needless to say my so called "vintage" collection of Polly Pockets (the original) have like starting bids of $15. About 6 or 7 years ago, I sold quite of bit of my old toys off at a yard sale because I thought I was too old for them. I sold those sets for $1.00 at the most. Huh. If I had waited maybe I could have at least gotten my money back from them because I'm sure I never paid more than $10 for them because I was buying them with my allowance back then. I still have a plastic container filled with some of them, my most favorite of the bunch. I didn't have the heart to part with them, and I still don't. But at least it makes me fill a little bit better that I'm not really hanging on to Junk because apparently there are people out there on ebay world that are willing to bid on them. lol.

Random I know, lol.

Man, I'm still waiting on my first assignment. Hopefully by the end of the week. I'm getting really bored waiting around the house as you can clearly see, in the opening paragraph of this blog, that I have time to ebay so called "vintage" toys that I use to play with. lol.

The savings thing has kinda slowed down... because I currently don't get paid until I get my first assignment, which like I said is hopefully by the end of the week. And so with no income... no savings. But, I haven't really spent any money either. I went to costco yesterday and picked up a $4.99 rotisserie chicken for dinner... lunch and probably dinner again. People go really crazy in costco and the lines are always so long. I'm starting to think it's not worth saving the extra couple of dollars to wait in long lines for a $4.99 chicken and the very few items I get when I go there. But it's not like I pay for the membership there, my mom gave me the "spouse" card to use. So I guess I have to decide the cost effectiveness of continuing to shop there. Next time I'm bringing a calculator. I use to have my small financial calculator on me all the time. Not that it's necessary for it to be a financial calculator, it's just the one that I had because of my finance classes so I was just use to all the functions. I guess I better go dig it back out and throw it in my bag.

But that's basically it. Until next time. Smile

Now I can go outside again...

June 19th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

So I was doing the Blockbuster deal. Ended up watching 14 movies for 1 week for $20.

These are the movies that I rented.

-He's Just Not That Into You
-New In Town
-Revolutionary Road
-The Ramen Girl
-Vicky Christina Barcelona (btw... I was very disappointed in this movie, but then again I'm not a huge Woody Allen fan)
-Smoke Jumper
-Faith In Potatoes (or vice versa, I call it the Potato movie, lol... it was alright for a true store)
-Living Proof
-Hotel For Dogs
-Pathology (eh... not a very good movie)
-Role Models (eh ok)
-Where God Left His Shoes (I enjoyed this movie)
-Madea Goes To Jail (hehe)
-The Family That Preys (actually this ended up bring a pretty good movie, nothing like I expected)

But I think after all those movies I enjoyed Revolutionary Road the best along with The Ramen Girl (Brittany Murphy).

I was going to rent Frost/Nixon, but I figure eh it might be a little boring for my taste. And then everything else I think I pretty much already saw or have no interest in seeing.

But now, that the deal is over I can get off my behind and enjoy the gorgeous weather! I'm still waiting on my first assignment probably by the end of next week I should have it. Hopefully.

Today I might be babysitting in the afternoon. My aunt's co-worker/friend has a little girl that's 3. She is so cute. Unfortunately, she's been misbehaving all week and been pretty upset for no apparent reason. But we think we've figured out the reason. Father's Day is coming up on Sunday. And my aunt's friend is a single mom. And lately her little girl has been asking why she doesn't have a daddy. So I think at her daycare they been making Father's Day gifts and that's probably why she's been in a bad mood. I guess they made one last year, but she was too young to understand and now that she's a year older she's starting to understand. So if her daycare decides to throw a little party this afternoon for father's day... (I honestly don't know why they would in daycare) I told my aunt's friend that I would watch her little girl for her for the rest of the day. So I went out and bought a small bottle of bubbles. So if she indeed does come over we can go play outside with the bubbles instead of sitting inside watching movies. (hehe, like I've been doing all week).

But as far as father's day goes. I bought my dad a father's day card so that I can put up at the cemetery. Frown And that's as far as that goes. We'll probably do something for my uncle, well we'll see if my cousin does anything for him. My cousin is a little selfish at times, so we'll see. My uncle told my aunt that she doesn't need to get him anything for father's day. lol. My aunt said she wasn't planning on it because he isn't her father, hehe. I thought that was kinda funny. And then he asked about his "daughter", their cat that is their baby. I guess we shall see if Annie the cat gets him anything on Sunday, hehe.

But that's pretty much it! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!! And I hope that everyone has gorgeous weather too!

New Job and ramblings...

June 15th, 2009 at 10:08 am

So I got a full time permanent job!!! Yay! It's still doing contracting jobs/projects for other companies, but basically I'm representing this one consulting firm and they assignment to work at different clients for various projects and so on. So yay!!!

I'm most excited because I get medical. Which by the way I haven't had medical coverage in over a year, since I left my full-time job at the bank a little over a year ago. Yikes, I know not a very smart thing. But I figured, keeping my fingers crossed that I hardly ever get sick so I never bought an individual plan because of the cost and luckily enough I never got sick, I mean the common cold here and there but not sick enough to warrant a doctors visit. Thank goodness. Now I will have coverage and I get all caught up and get back into the routine visits and so on. So I won't have my first assignment for at least a week, so I have the rest of this week to just hang out I guess.

So anyways my aunt got this blockbuster summer deal, where you pay an extra $10 (one time) and you get two movies out at a time. And if you watch them and bring them back the next day you can get another 2 movies out for free and you can keep doing this for an entire week. So yeah, we paid $20 total for a week worth of rented movies. So far it's the 3rd day and we already rented 6 movies. Yesterday we made this list of movies that we want to see while we are on this promotion. It's been great because we don't feel so bad renting something that is not a good movie at all because we can rent another movie for free essentially. So I have to return the 2 that we currently have today and get 2 more out. Man, talk about a bargain. I calculated that if we watched 2 new movies everyday on this promotion we would only pay $0.70 per movie. So hopefully they will have this same promotion at the end of the summer because once this ends we won't continue it because we probably won't have anymore movies to rent and we'll have to let the movies we want to see stack up again. I mean we could just do netflix or the blockbuster version of netflix, but we usually don't rent movies that often so this other promotions works out really great since we can see all the movies we want to see and pay only 1 time instead of every month, especially if there is no good movies out that month. Smile

And oh yeah, so this weekend I went to B,B & B. And I bought this 3-pack of sponge cleaning things for the grill for my aunt and when I got home I realized that there were only 2 sponges in the package, someone stole a sponge. This makes me so mad, because now I have to go back to the store to get a full 3 pack. Ugh, the nerve of some people. This is not the first time this has happened either because I was at costco and bought a brita water filter 10-pack and it was missing 1 filter, and those things aren't cheap enough to just let it go so I had to go back and I just returned it because I was just annoyed. It's a shame that I now have to 100% check everything I buy.

Okay that's pretty much it. Smile

Thank you!

June 9th, 2009 at 12:39 pm

I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your kind words. Sometimes, I think it's better to talk about it with people that don't know me personally, only because the people that do just want to hover. And I know they have my interest at heart, but sometimes the best way to get through something tough is to be treated like normal. Well at least I think so. (*btw, if you have no idea what I'm referring to, see my previous 6.8.09 post)

And hopefully I will be blogging more often than even before everything.

But in the mean time, since I'm not currently working (I had an interview this morning, I moved on to the next set of interviews, so I will see how that goes). But yeah since I'm not currently working I have a huge and I mean huge stack of magazines like 2 years worth of "Family Circle", "First", "Good Housekeeping", etc that I am going to go through for saving advice/tips. They are my grandma's (she is a pack rat), but since I have nothing else better to do, I figure I'll just sit around and go through magazines looking for different ideas on savings, instead of going out and spending money on entertainment. Plus, I get to do all the crossword puzzles that some of them have. lol.

But yeah that's pretty much it. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Smile

Happy Blogging!

Back to Square 1.

June 8th, 2009 at 07:31 pm

So, I haven't written in awhile, since before my family was suppose to come visit me the first week in April. They did and I'm glad they did. And here is something very personal but my dad died of a massive heart attack the day before they were suppose to fly back home. They originally weren't going to fly out here to California to visit because of airfare prices, but they eventually dropped low enough that they could come visit and I was unknowingly able to see my dad for the very last time. We had a nice ceremony over here for him, since he is a California native and most of his family is from here. I ended up going back with my Mom, brother and sister to Virginia up until last week to help them out a little and to make sure they were going to be okay. So with that, I had to leave the job that I was currently at so that I could make the trip home. It was worth it, because I truly believe family is the most important thing (to me anyways), and nothing should come before them. So now, I'm back in CA and hopefully can find a job again so that I can get back on my feet. Thank goodness for my emergency fund I was able to stay in Virginia for a over a month and still be okay as far as bill wise and I still have enough to cover me hopefully until I find another job. And lucky for me... I paid off my credit cards before I went my family came... so... I have no credit card debt which definitely helped the financial situations so I could focus on other more important things.

When I was back in Virginia, my old retail job was willing to take me back for a short while and was going to pay me what I was making before I left (which is a lot more than they are paying the majority of the staff.) I'd thought about going back since I was going to be in town for a little bit, but I decided against going back for the simple reason that I came back to help my family and if I'm at work all the time, I'm not really spending time with them. And secondly which was part of the main reason was that I would have to buy new clothes and new shoes to come back to work. I didn't bring any work clothes with me and I didn't have proper shoes to go to work in. That retail job doesn't let you wear tennis shoes or sneakers and you have to dress sorta business casual. And all I had with me was tennis shoes, flip flops and denim jeans. So I figured by the time I bought new shoes and new clothes... I basically spent my entire paycheck already. Not worth it.

But yeah that's pretty much it.I think I'm going to change up my blog a little bit and focus more on saving and ways to save rather than the totals in my accounts because it's so depressing seeing it go up just to go back down again. So we shall see how that goes.