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It's that time again!

May 21st, 2008 at 06:49 pm

Paycheck time! As usual pretty much the same breakdown as always. I need to keep in mind... pay myself first!!!

so first thing

beginning balance 480
addition w/match 137
new balance 617

Towards Employee stock purchase 34
(the purchase will be bought at the end of May)

Savings #1
beginning balance 11,040
addition 50
new balance 11,090

Savings #3
beginning balance 750
addition 25
new balance 775

Brokerage Account
beginning balance 25
addition 25
new balance 50

I made more this paycheck from working more hours the past two weeks. And since I usually don't get this normally I decided to transfer $52 to my Savings #2 (Emergency Bills Fund), for when I really need the money.
So new balance for Savings #2 1,671

Also my student loan payment was taken from my checking this morning. However they haven't updated my loan information yet... so I don't know exactly what when to principle vs. interest. So I can't update my Student Loan information right now. I will update it in my end of May Report.

and all the rest of my paycheck goes into my checking! Smile

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