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Refund Check Plans and account additions

May 1st, 2008 at 12:07 pm

My company finally posted to my 401K account from the 4/23 paycheck.

previous balance 378
contribution (w/match) 41
new balance 419

also my automatic $75 transfer from my checking to my savings account #1 posted today.

previous 10,813
addition 75
new balance 10,888

I should be getting my $600 refund check soon!

my plans for the $600

(200) - student loan for July's payment
(150) - parent's money for June
(65) - cell phone for May
(50) - savings #2
(50) - savings #3
(85) - credit cards

I've also decided what savings #3 is for. Car insurance/gas/repair.

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