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Hoping things will lighten up.

February 11th, 2009 at 09:21 pm

So I'm working this contract job. The job itself should not be that hard. Basically what I'm doing is reconciling accounts. Well... I know what I'm doing for the most part. I get the general idea of it. But... every time I think I can handle it on my own (been there about 3 weeks now) something unusual arises. The exception to the rule. How come I get all those. So now it looks like I don't know anything because I keep getting the exception to the rule. And since I'm one of those that likes to know the answer instead of just pretending it's not there I'm asking all these questions. They are probably getting tired of me. Man I can't wait until this contract is up. I first I really liked it. But now not so much. Everyday there is a new crisis... a problem which I identified that was never corrected before or something similiar. I don't understand how payroll deductions errors can continue for over a year with out being corrected? How did they balance at year-end. Oh well. I guess I'm glad to be done at the end of March.

Plus I got the rudest letter today from one of the chapter contact person regarding a letter that I had sent about updating the account. The man said that basically it was useless for me sending the letter and that the letter regarding payroll was not his department and he doesn't appreciate me sending him the letter and that he is retiring come June and I quote these were his exact words, "If I can find an idiot to take this job" he doesn't want me to send confusing letters to the new person that doesn't have anything to do with the job. HELLO! First off the account updates were apart of his job. And secondly the note regarding the payroll was a Copy of the letter that I send to another department. I figured since he is the contact person he should know what's going on with his chapter. Gee whiz. The second letter wasn't even addressed to him he was just CC on it. He has got to be one of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. I copied the letter and posted it on my bulletin board at work. This is to remind me never to be rude like that man. I don't care how frustrated I am. Reminder to always be professional and respectful.

What a way to ruin a person's day. I must say I know that I just have to let it go and not take it so personally. Still I want to do a good job at work. And some people just make it hard.

And I know this post has nothing to do with saving or money. I'd just thought I'd share an eye opener that made me realize that I am definitely in the "Real World" now.

1 Responses to “Hoping things will lighten up.”

  1. lizajane Says:

    People either gripe that you sent them stuff they didn't need or they gripe that they weren't notified of something. It's a no win situation, so glad you didn't take it personally.

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