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Weekend Ramblings...

February 8th, 2009 at 10:20 pm

So I went to the Home & Garden Show today. I've never been to one. I must say I really enjoyed just walking around to the different booths. I don't have my own place yet but it definitely getting me excited and pumped to eventually to get to the point that I can get my own place. I guess it gives me another motivation to keep saving and budgeting! Smile

So I decided that I putting aside money outside of my savings. I guess more like spending envelopes. These are for upcoming purchases. Like for a new cell phone plan come April when I finally get my own plan. And for my plane ticket and hotel room for my friends wedding in April as well. And then a gift fund for B-days and holidays. This way I don't have to go into my savings for these. Plus, I won't put this stuff on my Credit Card. I don't know, we will see how well this works for me.

All I know is that going to the gym is actually helping my wallet. Haha. I've been going to the gym right after work for the past week. And when I get home after the gym I'm so tired that I just stay home and don't go out and spend money.

But that's pretty much it for my week/weekend ramblings.

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