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Winter Cleaning?

December 27th, 2008 at 08:49 pm

Today I just got bitten by the cleaning bug. I packed up most of my Holiday decorations except for the Tree. I like looking at it so I'm going to wait a couple of more days to take it down. But everything else is packed away. Speaking of Holiday stuff. I bought Christmas wrapping paper on sale at Cost Plus Market for $0.50 EACH. Original Price was $2.99. That's crazy. But I kept my cool and only bought 3 that I really liked. So I have some for next year. I'm trying really hard not to overspend next year or any year after that.

Back to cleaning, I dumped all my magazine before Dec in the recycle. I organized all my paperwork into binders with labels and everything I need at easy access. I even saved all my photos on my computer to disk just in case something happens to my computer.

And I did a bunch of other little things. I figure I better ring in the New Year right.

I got a sewing machine from my Grandma for Christmas. I love it. She couldn't have picked a more perfect gift for me. And I don't even remember ever mentioning secretly wanting one. Now I can make all my crafty stuff. I already put it to good use and sewed a tote bag, two to be exact. And the best part yet, my grandma also had big box of fabric pieces that she was going to throw out. Now I have all this fabric for free! Talk about providing hours of entertainment for free, lol.

My goal this week is to spend less than $50. I think this is doable. I mean I already filled up gas Yesterday so I won't be needing gas for at least another week and a half. I don't spend any money on food because I eat breakfast at home and I take my lunch everyday and dinner is usually on the table once I get home. I love Grandma's house, hehe(but can't wait to get on my own!). And that's pretty much it. I can't see whatelse I would spend money on this upcoming week but we shall see. Bills don't count because I have already planned for those to come out once my paycheck hits. Trying to cut back on the non-essential spending. So far so good.

Updated Numbers

December 23rd, 2008 at 11:06 pm

Eh, I figured I might as well do it now or I'm never going to do it. My overdo update.

Ouch. Okay so now that I have a job for the time being I'm able to rebuild my savings.

So here it goes

Savings #1 10,149.00
Savings #2 1,260.00
Savings #3 380.00

IRA 1550.00
401k(which is now a Roll-over IRA from previous job) - 1089.00 (lost from that huge stock market plunge back in september)

CC debt 1,195.00 YIKES
Student Loan 14,320.00

so for the time being i get paid weekly.
My paycheck varies because of the amount of overtime that I work. But I'm automatically transferring $50 to Savings #1, $75 to Savings #2, $25 to Savings #3 every paycheck. The rest goes towards CC debt and other bill money. I know I could just pay off my Credit Card debt in one swoop. But since I'm only working contract I really want to keep my savings in tact just in case I don't have work once this contract ends.

Quick question. I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this. Since I moved to another state and is now working in another state. I have to file 2 tax returns right? Since I lived in Virginia for most of the year, I file Virginia first right? And then California?

My Goals.

December 21st, 2008 at 10:30 pm

So I think I have some 2009 goals. I'm not into making resolutions because to be honest I never keep them. But, if I just make goals, for some reason I have more motivation to complete them. I had goals for 2008, they sort of went out the window once I decided to move across country. But for 2009 I see no such drastic changes for the most part.

1. To land a PERMANENT full-time job. I'm doing the contract thing right now because, hey it's something which is better than nothing.

2. To have my own place by the end of the year. Most like rent because I want to be able to put down a good size down payment on a place, but I need my own space.

3. To build back up my savings. Particularly Savings #2&3. $3000 for Savings #2 and $1500 for #3 by the end of the year.

4. To have $12,000 in Savings #1

5. To have my student loan down to $11,500 by the end of the year. It is around 14,000 I believe. I have to double check.

6. To have no credit card debt, right now I have a balance because of Christmas. But once I get it paid off no more credit card debt.

7. To finish my accounting classes

8. ????

I'll have to finish this up later because I can't think right now, I'm so sleepy. So I'll have to think of 3 more to round it off to 10 goals for 2009. And then I also need to update my stats.

Yikes it's been AWHILE!

December 10th, 2008 at 09:09 pm

Geez, I didn't realize how much time has past since I last posted.

Well I've been busy moving. I moved at the end of September to the Bay Area in California. It's been quite an adjustment, more than I thought it would be. I am getting use to it as everyday passes by. At least now I'm not quite so worried about getting lost. I didn't work for almost 2 months. So my finance took quite a hit. I haven't quite hit below $10,000 on savings yet. I'll have to update my stats soon. But luckily I was able to land a temp job in the mean time as an Sales Auditor. Basically I reconcile this company's sales for their stores. I will be temping with this company until the end of January possibly February. But hey at least I'm working now and I'm finally getting stuff to put on my resume.

It's a good thing that I'm staying with family for the time being. But I really am motivated to hurry up and get on my feet and get on my own.

I'm also started taking an accounting class at UC Berkeley online. It's through their continuing education program. This way I'm getting more accounting background to add to my finance degree. It an entire accounting certificate program. At least this will keep me until I get the funds to go to grad school and get my MBA.

But yeah, so far so good. I'll have to update everything soon, maybe this weekend once I have more time to sit down and get everything together again. Still unpacking yet hehe.