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Just Caved In.

December 27th, 2009 at 04:18 pm

And signed up for my 401K at work after 3 months. At first I wasn't planning on signing up. Yup... even after all the lessons and constantly hearing about how important funding a 401K is. I wasn't planning on signing up because it was such a hassle trying to transfer over to a rollover IRA the last time I had to do that for my old job. And plus if I ever plan on leaving it's not 100% vested until like 5+ years or something like that. Plus I still don't even know if my company matches. And then the final straw was when I first got hired on I wanted to sign up. I went as far as filling and submitting the paperwork. The paperwork came back, because I forgot to fill in some information. I resubmitted and then a couple weeks later the paperwork came back in the mail saying that I had filled out the wrong form, I didn't have the most current form filled out. The first time okay. The second time I was done because I didn't understand why they didn't tell me I had the wrong form when they sent it back to me the first time. I have little patience when it comes to filling out paperwork.

So I decided that I wasn't going to sign up for it just on principle alone. And then finally I caved in. I figure if anything I can lower my taxable income. And at least I can be certain that I save 5% of my income every paycheck for retirement even if something happens that week and I can't save any for my cash accounts.

So I figure I should just stop being silly and just contribute.

In the new year, I want to be able to up my savings even more so I'm looking for ways to cut back on spending, lowering bills and minimizing my materialistic tendencies. So maybe I might commit myself to a week blog on how well I'm doing. This way I'm keeping track the entire time instead of checking in occasionally and realizing that I went way off track. Smile

4 Responses to “Just Caved In.”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    As someone who works in HR/benefits, I can tell you that the first time you filled out the form and it was sent back, it probably WAS the right form. I sure don't get any notice at all when we change funds. The form can become outdated from one day to the next. If you choose a fund we don't offer anymore, I have to send it back. I have no choice. Good for you for finally caving in! Smile

  2. Lylic Says:

    Congrats on caving. Mark one New Year's resolution done!

  3. Counting Pennies Says:

    Thanks, Lylic! And Dmontngrey thanks for the prospective on the paperwork. Makes me feel better on the going back and forth now. Smile

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